Promotional offers of Online Casino Games

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Casino online has several types of promotion that you can get. Here is the information about promotion offers of online casino games that you should know and get when you entering in any online casino games that you want.

Promotional offers of Online Casino Games

Promotional offers of Online Casino Games

Promotional offers of Online Casino Games

Lucky Draw

The first promotion offer of online casino is lucky draw. This promotion is provided for the players who already save the deposit to the banker or agents. There are 3 big gifts and other 30 special gifts. You can get this promotion only on Tuesday.

The Special Bets Bonuses

Another promotion is the bonuses are given for those who put the highest bets. If you like to play baccarat games and you are sure you can win the games. You can try to put high bets. If you are the player who has, the highest bets and you win the games. You will get this promotion.

The Welcome Promo

If you are the beginner of the casino games. You have to register yourself as the member of the website. After you become a member and put your deposit. You will get 20% welcome bonuses for the website. It is a welcome greeting for the beginner and every new member will get this bonus.

The E-Month Special

Another promotion provided by the website is the monthly promotion. This promotion is allowed for all of the members. The promo will be added when you transfer the certain product for the promotion. This promotion is provided for all slot games. However, it is also provided for several non-slot games such as table games, video poker, and so on. You need to follow the requirements also.

The Level up Bonus

If you play the casino games regularly for more than three months, your level will up. You can be VIP level. After six months, your level becomes VIP 1. After this level, you will get the bonuses in every your level up. However, you have to remember that to get the bonuses you need to bet ever months. You need to have the deposit also at your bank.

The Deposit Bonus

This promotion gives for those who put the deposit every month. If you like to play the casino games, you have to put the deposit every month. Don’t worry, if you put the deposit, you will get 200% bonuses to setting the deposit. Therefore, your deposit will be much. You can save it for the next bets.

The Daily Promotion

This promotion is allowed every day. Some types of games will give this kind of promotion. If you play the certain games with this promotion, you will get 20% bonuses after you send the bets for the games. However, there is the minimum requirement of the bets that you have to follow. You will get the promotion if you’re bet as the requirement.


IDNPLAY is a promotion provided for poker games. If you like to play poker only and you put the bets same as the minimum bets, which are already, decided, you will get the 3% bonuses for the website.

Those are the promotion offers of online casino games by this best and thrilling online casino site with casino games offers. You have to remember that if you want to get the promotion, you have to follow the requirement first.

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