Paul Pogba is one of the most talented youngsters

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His former team-mate Andrea Pirlo concluded if Paul Pogba leaves Juventus then it will be only for world record fee and he is the best youngster he had ever seen till now. The star of Juventus, Paul Pogba is no doubt one of the finest midfielder of Europe and is worth a world record bid. The most sought after 23 year old guy by many European gigantic teams like Barcelona, Manchester city, Chelsea. Massimiliano even said that at his age you can build up a team around him and if he was to leave then he will only do that for a world record .The manager of his former even team said that if he will leave Juventus then it will only be for a world record.

In such an short span of life, Pogba is placed among the world’s best players of football and his former teammates support this statement by saying that he is the best youngster that has ever come across. Pirlo even added that he has been in contact with some great players, but Pogba was the best young player he had ever met. Even Ronaldo said that Pogba is one of his favorite players and he wants to see him making the history.

Paul Pogba is one of the most talented youngsters

Pogba is one of the most talented youngsters

Pogba is one of the most talented youngsters

Pogba is the name with which most football fans are familiar with and fans of Manchester United still having nightmares that Pogba had left them a few seasons ago to join Juventus . After moving to Juventus he won the golden boy award in 2013 and won the U – 20 World cup with France. Legends of football like Ronaldo, Zidane have praised him and have concluded that he has the potential and caliber to become the world’s best young football player ever. People have very high expectations attached with him and he without any worries welcomes them all because he knows that he has the potential to fulfill their expectations. Pogba even concluded that Juventus can help him to realize his dream of becoming the best player of the world. He is the one who managed to grab the title of Serie A in his two years of regular senior club of football with Juventus. Pogba is new to this game but his dedication and hard work made him to stand brave on the ground as said by a player who considers Paul Pogba as a strong and a classy midfielder.

Pogba is almost blessed with all essentials by which he can be the best player of all. People say that Pogba is extraordinary and now he is just concentrates on his ambition and is driving himself to where he wants to go. Once when asked about his work and achievements, all he focuses is completely about his style, goals and how to improve his performance to make his dream come true. He is a person who is so dedicated towards his goal of life that he isn’t bothered about the expectations which people are having and indeed it is a good thing to ponder over that he is playing carelessly and carefully at the same time.

But now questions arises that what makes Pogba under the finest talents in Europe? His muscles, triceps, and biceps all looks quite balanced and maintaining them is a job taking much effort. Because of his height he has a low center of gravity but still he maintains his balance and keeps a stiff competition before his opponents. He can also does high jump which in turn leads him to winning most of the matches and allows him to control the ball. He usually seems to play cutback cross which is very helpful .This young Frenchman is quite talented and focused.

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